Hand-Lettered Paintings!

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, you've probably noticed that I've been painting a LOT lately. Painting is like my meditation. Let's be honest, there's no way I could actually sit still long enough to meditate, so painting is where it's at right now. I get in the zone and look up only to realize 3 hours has passed and I feel 100% better about life.

Painting by Allison Affourtit of Crafted Love
Painting by Allison Affourtit
Paintng by Allison Affourtit

I'm certainly no professional artist, by any means. I didn't go to Fine Art school and I don't ever plan on seeing my paintings in galleries. But I do love my time at the easel. It's calming, inspiring, and I get to pretend I'm somewhere beautiful. Sandy beach, anyone?

For the most part, I just paint for fun. But lately, I've been combining my love of painting with my other love for hand-lettering. And someone (cough, cough, Michael) has convinced me to add a few to my Etsy shop. At first I was hesitant because painting is my stress-free time. But I agreed to put up a couple in the shop just to see how it goes. If there's any interest, I'll start adding some more here and there. 

Here in Ohio, we have a LOT of river front. The Great Miami, Scioto, the Ohio River. So I get a lot of requests from my "River Rats" to do signs for them since you can never find river signs. On Etsy, though, I offer to change "river" to lake, beach, island, etc. Win-win.

This adventure painting is probably my favorite, though. Mike and I love the outdoors and going on adventures. So this quote was perfect for us and I figured there might be others who think so as well. Plus, can't you see this hanging in an outdoor-themed nursery??? That would be so darn cute, I think.

You can check out the details of each painting and order you own by clicking here. You'll brighten up your walls, and help me buy more paints for my sanity :-P

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