Hello! I'm Allison.

I help solopreneurs and Etsy sellers create a brand that they love and market that brand in order to monetize their passion.

I relate to you to because I'm also a small business owner/artist. Not only that, but I am a marketer, promoter, and social media enthusiast, which are things most artists don't find fun (but I LOVE). 

In college, I decided to open an Etsy shop to help pay for books…ok, so maybe the money was more for buying beer, but I digress. I made a few sales here and there, but nothing to write home about. It wasn’t until a year ago that I decided to take my online career seriously and took my Etsy store to a whole new level.

By taking my knowledge of marketing and SEO and putting them into action, I was able to turn my dwindling online storefront into a profit-making machine that cranks out sales while I sleep (literally). I was able to do all of this without spending a dime on promoted listings or ads, and you can too!

I’ll help you turn browsers into buyers...and then buyers into raving fans!

Follow along on Instagram: @AllisonAffourtit