birthday awesomeness [super photo heavy]

Last night we all went to Evan's favorite restaurant, Sake Steakhouse, to celebrate his 15th birthday. I love that place. It's so much fun and the food is always amazing.

We started off with some sushi and then the typical salad with ginger dressing. I really want that dressing recipe. Does anyone know which one I'm talking about? It's like a ginger-mayonnaise type thing. If someone knows the recipe please share!!!

Our hibachi chef must have been new because he was having a little trouble flipping his spatulas as well as keeping the food on the grill. Nevertheless, he was really funny and cooked us some fantastics eats. I actually ate my Miso soup this time. Normally I can't because it smells vaguely like cardboard. I'm not sure why but I swear it does.

The array of meats our group picked made for a colorful spread on the grill. The food was AMAZING. I got beef and shrimp and there was so much food I could only finish half my meal. The rest is currently in my fridge ready for some dinner leftovers :]

The group across the room from us also had a birthday that night so we all sang happy birthday to the little girl and my brother. Some tasty cheesecake was brought out and afterward we went to Target to let Evan blow his birthday money of toys that would eventually lead to me crying in pain [ok well I didn't actually cry but those nerf axes hurt!!!] He got an automatic nerf gun that when standing too close will leave dime sized welts. Note to self: don't tick off Evan.

Today we drove to my grandma's which is 45 minutes north of Springboro to have a little birthday dinner. We had Evan's favorites, potato soup, hamburger helper pasta and pigs in blankets. I took the scraps out to Scooby, my grandma's neighbor's dog. How can you say no to that face??

We forgot to sing to him before cutting the cake so we improvised by sticking the candles in his ice cream. It seemed to work just fine. After we ate cake and he opened his presents we went down to my grandma's basement to hunt for cool vintage things and old toys. Evan found our old laser tag set and proceeded to shoot people and I scored an awesome vintage globe [with USSR still on it] and two chicken statue things that I plan on spray painting for my kitchen. It was a good day! 

Now we're back at the house lounging around after eating all this good food. I can't wait to eat my left over Japanese food for dinner. Oh! I almost forgot! In two days I'm launching my second giveaway! I can't wait! So check back on the 1st for that!