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As some of you may know, Mike and I have narrowed down our City Search to two cities. Portland, Oregon and St. Paul, Minnesota. Today, the lovely Erika from A Tiny Rocket is here to share some fun information about her home in Portland to help out with our decision as well as give a little insight to anyone who might want to visit someday. Take it away Erika!

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Hello! My name is Erika from A Tiny Rocket.  I am an artist and blogger living in beautiful Portland, Oregon.  (that's the state right above California) I am really excited to share with you what I love about Portland and take you on a little photo tour.

Portland is in a great location, it's 1 hour from the coast and about an hour away from the snowy mountains.   There is even a lift open in the summer time. 

Portland is known very bike friendly and is accessible for people who like alternative modes of transportation, but getting out of town you will need a car.  There is also a naked bike ride once a year which is pretty famous- 13,000 people participated last year.  No I haven't done it! But I have been a witness it!

Oregon is the number 1 micro brew per capita in the world.  Oregon is known for beer, with lots of hops :). Here are some of my favorites Deschutes,  Bridgeport, Mcmenamins, Rogue, Hair of the Dog, Hopworks, and Pelican Brewing... just to name a few.  There are some really fun brew fests in the summer at the water front.  Portland has a ton of organic restaurants, food co-ops, and farmer markets.  We also have Powell's which is the largest new/used book store in the world. We are pretty spoiled here :)

Did you know that we have had 3 Project Runway winners from the Portland metro?  Also Chuck Palahniuk is from here. (the guy who wrote Fight Club).  Phil Knight is from here (the guy who founded Nike, there head quarters are here).   Matt Groening (heard of the Simpsons?) There is a lot of creative souls here and a great place for young and emerging artists, crafters, designers, and musicians.  

PS- if you click on the links you can see some helpful links some of my Portland related blogs, websites, and other recommendations. 

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Thanks so much Erika! This is definitely helpful in deciding a city! If you want to drop by Erika's little corner of the blogosphere you can here In a few days I'll be hosting another guest blogger from St. Paul, Minnesota so help further with the decision! I can't wait!

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