i'm no foodie...

Here's the thing.
I adore food. I just don't enjoy cooking.
If it has more than 4 ingredients or doesn't come frozen, ready to throw in a pan, chances are I will probably pass on making it at all and throw an easy mac into the microwaves. Horrible, right?
I wish I enjoyed cooking. Mainly because I just feel like I should. My whole family does. Guess I never got that gene. Maybe if I liked to cook I would be less inclined to go out to dinner so much. That would definitely be beneficial to my wallet.
Learning to cook [well] is on my 24 Before 25 list so I better figure it out sooner or later! Enter my cooking challenge 2011... A new goal I have for this year is to cook at least one new meal a week and document it here on Crafted Love. I'll throw the recipe [or link] in as well but like I said, I'm no foodie so it will pretty much be straight from the original recipe, but fun non the less!
I suppose the first step to this process would be to find a few fun foodie blogs to follow. I have a few cook books to start me off but blogs would be fun as well. Do you have any suggestions for cool foodie blogs? I'm not talking master chef levels, that may never be me :] but ideas would be great!