100 little somethings [51-60]

Check out 1-25 and 26-50 if you missed them, here is a slightly shorter ten little somethings you may or may not know about me. Got a question? Ask me through Formspring and you might see it in the next list!

51. I only wear skinny jeans. Jeans with any sort of flare bug me when I walk

52. I love 1950's fashion and design. I think it's so feminine and beautiful.

53. I've only had short hair once in my life and I'll never do it again. In the third grade I cut my hair chin length and it turned into an afro [no, there won't be a picture of this one lol]

54. I never know quite what to say in conversations and sometimes come off as awkward

55. Sometimes after a conversation I obsess over what I should have said. I will replay the situation over and over in my head as if I could actually change it

56. When I was little I had huge kneecaps. Weird but I guess I just hadn't grown into them because, I assure you they are normal now. My Aunt called me P.K. which was short for Platter Knees which is now what I call my cousin, her son, because he's just like me :]

57. If you don't know me outside of the blog world you probably don't know that I'm 5'10". Yikes

58. I took Spanish in high school and could almost understand the language fluently, but for the life of me, could not compose a sentence to reply.

59. I love cardigans. I wear them year round and with anything from t-shirts to fancy dresses

60. I'm hesitant to mention my age for fear my readers will find it hard to relate. Hopefully that's not the case :]