shut the front door...

My parents painted their front door this past weekend and it really got me thinking about front doors and how they can completely change a house. A little bit of a background story... our college house that we lived in previous to the one we are in now looked more like a shanty from the outside. It was white paneling on the exterior with a rusting door... needless to say it wasn't pretty. 

Well, I drove past their the other day and the property owners had painted the front door bright red. I can't even explain how much of a difference simply painting the front door made. It's a whole new house and actually quite cute. I'm jealous they waited until we left to paint!

So all this front door talk has really beefed up my "nesting" board on Pinterest :]


The bright colors look great in contrast with he brick in these two photos and I love the big numbers.


I love the little "hello" at the bottom of the window. See it?


I am in love with this blue door and brown masonry home. I can't wait to own a house so that I can make changes like these. All I want in life is a cute older home with tons of character that I can renovate and do fun projects in. My life will be complete. But, I'll be living in an apartment for a few years still so for now my Pinterest boards will just have to keep growing :]

For links to where these photos came from, visit my Nesting Pinterest board