100 little somethings [71-100]

It's been quite a while since my last 100 Little Somethings post but I'm happy [and a little sad] to say, the final installment is finally here! So sit back, and learn a few more things you probably didn't know about me...
71. I can quack like a duck. It sounds exactly like a duck, no joke. Ask me to do it :]

72. I keep a Louisville Slugger by my bed in hopes someone tries to break in and I actually have a reason to use it

73. I secretly believe in zombies. I want to make a zombie apocalypse survival pack haha. Future DIY post?

74. I'm slightly addicted to working out. But it's okay because I eat nonstop

75. I once was on a runaway horse that got spooked by a plane. It was one of the most exciting and scariest 5 minutes of my life. I love horseback riding.

76. I don't like the heat or hot sun. It must be a ginger thing. Either that or I'm a vampire.

77. I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD] and get depressed easily in the winter when it's gloomy.

78. I've never been west of Minnesota. That will change thought on our honeymoon!

79. I love making lists. Though I hardly ever complete any of them. In fact, I make grocery lists and forget to get them out.

80. I don't have a sweet tooth. I very rarely eat candy or sweets.

81. I don't mind tarantulas and I think little spiders are adorable. But I will FLIP out if it's is the size of a quarter. Medium sized spiders freak me out.

82. I like to be underestimated. It makes it more fun to prove you wrong.

83. I hate passive aggression. Especially if someone passively makes a strike at someone on social media knowing the other person will see it. Please grow up and say it to their face. Biggest pet peeve.

84. I used to hate grass. I was always terrified I would step on one of those baby toads.

85. I love the feeling of falling. It's really more of a love/hate relationship because I always get really nervous at the top of a rollercoaster. But that feeling.... it's awesome. I need to go skydiving.

86. I don't like coffee. It doesn't matter how much sugar or how much cream is in it. If there is even a drop of coffee in a drink I will hate it. Countless people have tried to prove to me that THIS drink... this drink will be the one I like. Wrong.

87. I'm slightly dyslexic with groups of numbers. Before Mike moved into his new place I could never remember his address. 7641.... 7416.... 6714.... it was one of those... or was it? It's a good thing I never had to call an ambulance.

88. If it wasn't already obvious, my middle name is Kaye. But until the 3rd grade I spelled it without the "E". My teacher finally talked to my mom to confirm that I was, indeed, spelling my own name wrong.

89. I love crappy horror movies. Only 1 star on Netflix? It's a winner in my book.

90. My favorite thing to snack on are chocolate dipped strawberries.

91. I played softball from age 5 to my senior year of high school. I played first base. When I graduate I want to join an adult league. I miss it.

92. My favorite video game is old school Sonic.

93. I could never get tired of eating pizza. Especially hand tossed. Yum.

94. I dip my fries in my chocolate shakes

95. I'm a mean rock climber

96. When I talk on the phone I tend to pace back and forth. Most of the time walking in circles around my kitchen island/table

97. The random pets I've had in the past: hermit crabs, a mouse, beta fish, a grow-a-frog that got waaaaay to big, cats and for all of 30 minutes, a baby raccoon :]

98. I'm really ticklish. Like horribly so. I can't get pedicures and if you touch me in any sort of tickling manner [it doesn't matter where] I will flip out.

99. I watch Animal Planet all the time. Probably too much so. But it's better than filling my brain with reality trash I suppose.

100. If it wasn't apparent by my iPhone, I am a total Mac person. I grew up with PC's and switched shortly before college. I will never go back.