my dream studio space

I've been rearranging my room a lot lately in hopes that I can fit a desk in there for my sewing machine. My Etsy shop has been feeling quite neglected lately. I can't keep coming home to my parents when I need to make a new batch of items for the shop so I really to make space for that desk. I've been making a lot of progress and once I move out one of my dressers I will be able to fit my desk. Win. But all this planning has made me think about the future when maybe I can have a whole room to spread out and craft. That day can't come soon enough!

So when thinking about designing it I went with my favorite color combination, Mustard Yellow and Grey as a inspiration and drew from my already birch furniture to come up with my mood board. Every design needs a few accent colors and I decided to take inspiration from my vintage Singer sewing machine and went with turquoise.

I already own a few things in the mood board like the grey sleep sofa, the toss pillow, grey floral rug, and the desk, which makes the design process even easier :] I'm thinking yellow curtains, white picture frames, and light grey walls with a turquoise accent wall. I love all of Jessica of VOL25's artwork and thought her Mr. & Mrs. deer prints would be adorable in the office as focal points. 

The sofa bed I purchased last year thinking about future guests staying over. I doubt once we move back from the Twin Cities we will be having very many over night guests so combining the studio and guest bedroom would be pretty easy.

Oh, and a little about that yellow phone receiver up there. You probably can't tell but it's for your iPhone! It plugs into your headphone jack and allows you to talk old-fashion style. How cool is that??? I'd totally feel professional and office-y with an actual "office" phone. You can get them in all sorts of colors on Amazon. I need. :]

So for now, this is just a dream. But hopefully someday soon I can make it a reality. Making this mood board was really fun though. I might need to make one for our future bedroom, which is very similar to the bedroom style I have now. And no, that doesn't mean Mike doesn't have say in the design. When I got new furniture for my college house, Mike and I actually co-planned every purchase to last 5-10 years. Smart huh? So my bedroom style is pretty unisex and Mike picked colors. I'll have to take some pictures once I move my desk and sewing machine in. I like my room a lot :]

Also, an update about the sponsor spot sale... since I have rearranged my blog layout, I can now accept more sponsors each month. Soooo I've decided to stretch the sale out until today! Now, there is no limit to how many people can get the 50% off deal. I've also had someone ask about how many months you can purchase ahead of time. As long as you purchase the spots by today, you could in theory buy as many months in advance as you would like! I am very organized with sponsorships and keep an Excel sheet so you wouldn't have to worry about me forgetting :]

So... email me if you'd like to jump on this opportunity! It only lasts until midnight tonight!