I gave a little sneak peek a while back of some pottery I was painting with my cousins. Well I was finally able to pick it up from the pottery place after being put in the kiln and I couldn't be happier!

It was super time consuming but even more fun to paint/make. It was a little worrisome not knowing what it would look like in the end since the paints get more vibrant once cooked. All in all it took two trips to the pottery place and almost 4 hours to complete.

Ta-da! Here's the finished product! I'm crazy excited to fill it with fruit and put on Mike's table when he moves into his new apartment. I'm pretty proud of it. It's very happy feeling :]

I hope everyone has kicked off July with a fun and relaxing day to start off your holiday weekend! I have some hopefully exciting news to tell everyone but it will have to wait until Tuesday because I don't want to jinx anything by spilling early. But I'm sooooooo excited!!!!

Tomorrow I'm off to go wedding dress shopping! Eep! I'm a little nervous because I have very simple tastes when it comes to most things, especially a wedding dress. I'm a little worried everything will be too over the top for me. And don't think I'm exaggerating when I say I have simple tastes. Even the slightest "poof" to a dress will send me running. Hopefully my mom and Mike's mom are up for the challenge of taming my crazy :]