pinspiration | necklace organizer

I don't know the source of this photo because it looked like someone uploaded it straight onto Pinterest without taking it from a website. So if you know where the original source came from, let me know and I'll link up!

I don't wear much jewelry other than my basic rings that I never take off but when I do accessorize it up, it's with necklaces. Before I did this pinspiration project my necklaces were oh-so-nicely hung on nails in my wall... not so pretty.

So when I saw this photo, I knew I had to try it. It's just such a cute and artsy way to display your necklaces while still adding some spice to your room!

I'm loving how it makes my room feel. I know a lot of you have been asking to have a tour of my room but be patient :] I'm just finishing up some last minute organization projects and I will take you on the ultimate tour!

Now for what you guys have been crafting up...

  [the original inspiration]                                                                                   [diana's version]
My friend Diana over at dianapantz made this awesome plate set from garage sale found plates. I  love the bike theme! In a year Mike and I will hopefully get to go on bike rides with Diana and her man, Blake up in the Twin Cities!

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