it's beginning to look a lot like Fall!

We are prepping fro a lovely Fall season over in these parts! I picked up the most PERFECT pumpkin I've ever seen and painted out house number on it. This past Friday a friend and I had a little craft night and whipped up a few Fall wreaths. 'A' for our last name, not "Allison" ;) Though I do like to tell Mike it's for "Allison".

How are you prepping for the most amazing season of all?

P.S. I've gotten a few questions about sponsorship lately. If you haven't noticed, there are none :) I have decided to suspend sponsorship on Crafted Love for a while. No reason in particular, I just think for now, I need to be focusing on how to build Crafted Love and make this little corner of the internet even better. After a few months I will bring back sponsors. So sit tight, and enjoy the ride!