Panini Party!

One of my favorite things in the world are Panini sandwiches. I know a few posts ago I said my wok is my favorite thing in our kitchen, but I was wrong. While it is a close second, my wok can never beat my Panini grill. There’s just something about that amazing press that turns a grilled sandwich into a work of art. I don’t care what you put on it, after it’s sat there on the grill for a few minutes and infused together, you could feed me almost anything and I’d think it was amazing.

Paninis are an extremely popular thing in our house as well as back home at my parents’. Many Sunday dinners consisted of these fantastic melted sandwiches so we decided to get a little crafty one night and expand our Panini horizons. Typically, we stick to the basics... turkey, ham, mayo, tomato, etc. We wanted to try some new combinations this time so I threw together a little DIY Panini station. Check out the fun after the jump...

Some of the ingredients we chose to have were an array of cheeses, turkey, ham, pepperoni, salami, caramelized onions, apple slices, cranberry jelly, bacon, spinach, and a few different sauces/spreads.

What we came up with was pretty magical, if I do say so myself. I grilled up one of each different Panini (and of course gave them odd names) and cut it into fourths so everyone could try each combo. If I had to pick a favorite it would have to be the cranberry/apple/turkey/brie panini we made. It almost tasted like dessert!

 Are there any other fans of panini sandwiches out there? If you haven't tried one, you need to!