A Question (or two) for YOU!

Lately, sponsorship has been something I've been bouncing back and forth on whether I should have it. Sponsoring other blogs was a huge reason behind how I got my blog where it is today. For a long time I truly enjoyed having sponsors mainly because I felt like I was giving back to smaller bloggers like bloggers had done for me in the past. I made sure to keep prices extremely affordable (below $20 for even my largest ad) for a fairly long time until I was getting so many sponsors it was hard to keep up. So naturally, I raised prices. 

Still, sponsors trickled in and I definitely had my hands full at the end of every month. While I was still glad I could promote other bloggers, sponsorship became a nice secondary income. After a while though, I got a little burnt out. I made sure to send out an email to all sponsors at the beginning of the month informing them of the mid-month sponsor intros post that I did every month. Some people sent in their info to be included, a lot of people either ignored the emails or just didn't want to be included. It got a little stressful. So I went on a sponsorship hiatus. 

Well, I'm back. If you noticed, I've mainly got free ads running right now. Mainly because I wanted to make sure I was completely ready before starting back up completely. So, if you wouldn't mind, I've created a short survey for you to fill out. This survey is to see what YOU think works best when it comes to sponsoring blogs. I really want to make Crafted Love not only a fun place to be, but a great blogging tool for those who want to build their own! So sit back for a few and help me help you!

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