Our New (Temporary) Family Member

Mike and I decided to become foster parents! This little cutie is Chef. He's 5 months old, part pit bull terrier and (we think) part boxer. He is super goofy when he runs, throwing his front paws up in the air exactly like boxers do. He's also a lot taller than typical pit bulls. We love him.

We will be housing him until he gets adopted. He was in need of some TLC and exercise and we figured what better foster parents than an extremely active couple in their 20s? We've already taken him to the local dog park to blow off some steam and hang out with the other dogs. There was another 6 month old puppy at the park. Chef and Ronner had a blast chasing each other around and rolling in the snow. We bought him a coat to stay warm but it got left in the dust shortly after entering the park. I could just imagine him saying, "But Moooooooom... none of the other dogs have to wear coats!!!" Silly pup.

He already knew the "Sit" command before we took him home but within the first night we had him grasping "Stay" fairly well. He's also gotten a lot better about pulling on the leash. For the most part, he just trots along beside me as I walk/jog. At this rate, Chef won't be with us for much longer!

A lot of people think we'll have a hard time saying goodbye and end up adopting him. I say, "Challenge accepted". While I can't wait to have a dog of our own, I take pride in getting pups and dogs ready for forever homes and while, yes, it will be hard to see him go, I know we will have really made a mark on his furry little life.

So for now, Chef, enjoy your stay at the Affourtit School of Doggie Obedience.