DIY | Newspaper Art

The walls in our new apartment are very bare so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to check off one of my

24 Things before 25

[paint a VERY large canvas]

as well as fill up those empty walls! I'm a hugeeee fan of mixed media art and this project is super simple for anyone if you have the patience to do a little bit of newspaper clipping and collecting :]

I promise you, anyone can do this project. Whether you are an expert artist or can barely finger paint... this masterpiece is for you!

Step One:

Gather your supplies. All you'll need for this project is a


of any size, lots of


clippings, some

Mod Podge

or watered-down glue,


, and 1-2

paint brushes


Step Two:

Lay out your canvas on a flat surface that is easily cleaned. You will end up with glue everywhere unless you're careful. I took a few hours to spread out my first steps so I didn't have to lay out tarp or trash bags. Start by tearing your newspaper clippings into small[ish] pieces. You can do smaller or larger clippings if you prefer. Mine were about 3x5 inches in size which gave it a nice collaged look without taking 8 years of my life to complete :] I chose to only use the black and white sections of the newspaper. A fun idea might be to collect all the color comics from the Sunday papers but that would have taken forever! Perhaps for a more daring person :] I also tore all the edges of the pieces so they had a more worn out feel, rather than leaving the edges straight from when I cut them out. You can choose to leave them straight if you'd like. I bet that would give it a unique look as well!

Step Three:

Begin the gluing process by brushing a thin layer of your glue directly onto the canvas. Follow it by laying a few newspaper clippings on the glue.

Step Four:

Cover the clippings you've just laid down with more glue making sure no edges or corners are still sticking up.

Step Five:

Continue brushing glue onto the canvas and laying clippings down. Cover each clipping with glue until the whole canvas is covered. Make sure to wrap the clippings around the side of the canvas as well so it give your artwork a uniform look.

Step Six:

Let your canvas dry for a few hours.

Step Seven:

Decide on a design you would like to paint onto your canvas. I wanted something simple so that the newspaper was a major feature in the piece. You could choose to paint some sort of scene like I did or just tape off lines and paint a few stripes on the canvas. The point is, the newspaper will make anything you paint look like a master piece. I personally think black paint works best for the black and white newspaper but you could ultimately choose any color paint you want.

Step Eight:

Paint your scene/picture/design onto the canvas and let it dry. I use two coats of paint so the newspaper wouldn't show through.

Step Nine:

Hang your creation on the wall.

Step Ten:

stare at your awesomeness! You're an artist!

If you end up trying this I'd love to see it! It could be considered a


entry and I will show it off to the world!!! Just upload it to the

group Flickr page

or shoot me an email if you don't have a Flickr account :]